Assistive Technology Training

Get the most out of your Assistive Technology


If you have received IT Equipment following recommendations made by Access SUMMIT or another assessment centre you may also have access to funding to cover training costs. You are strongly advised to use this training and to make sure your training is provided by an assistive technology specialist.

Our Trainers can help you get the most out of a wide range of IT equipment, including assistive technology and software, recorders, Internet use and email functions. Training is delivered to ensure that the resources provided by DSA funding do the job for which they are intended.

Assistive Technology training is not how to use a computer in general, and it will help you considerably to have a specialist trainer on hand to work out how the resources you have can help you achieve your study or employment goals.

You can also seek further training later on if you have had your resources for a while and feel you need a quick refresher course. You might also seek advanced training to learn how to do new things that crop up on your course or in your job.

You can also refer to The Training Process for a more detailed breakdown of what your training sessions might entail.