Personal Support FAQs

How do I arrange my Non-Medical Helper support (note-taking/library assistance/reading support/mobility assistance)?

When you have received your approval letter from SFE please contact Access SUMMIT on 0161 275 0990 and you will be directed to the relevant team.

Do I have to provide you with a copy of my timetable?

Yes, we use this information to provide you with support workers for the relevant sessions. Please forward a copy of your timetable to Access SUMMIT as soon as possible so we can ensure support is in place.

How do I contact my support worker?

Access SUMMIT will provide the support worker with your contact details. They will make direct contact with you prior to your first session via telephone, text (SMS) or email.

Will I have the same support worker for the full academic year?

Possibly, this is dependent upon support workers’ availability and the structure of your timetable. Access SUMMIT will try to ensure that your timetable is covered with no more than 3 support workers.

Do I have to attend lectures with my support worker?

Yes, students must attend all lectures even though a support worker is present.

Can a note-taker work in my absence?

No, unless the absence is disability related and agreed with a disability advisor prior to the lecture.

How do I contact my support worker regarding cancellations?

If you previously exchanged contact details with your support worker make direct contact informing them of the cancellation (this has to be done at least 24 hours before the session is due to start. If 24 hours prior notice is not given you will still be charged for the session). Also, please contact Access SUMMIT staff who will log this information to your student file.

How do I approve non-medical helper sessions?

After each session your support worker will log the time electronically on a system called ‘OPUS’, this is an internet-based system. You will then be asked to verify the sessions electronically in the form of an email.