Personal Support

We provide the support workers you need


We can supply a range of support workers to students in the Greater Manchester and North West areas. Support Workers can assist with a range of things, including:

  • Study Coaching

    Where problems with organisation, motivation or general study skills occur a study coach may be able to help. Study coaches work with students covering a wide range of disabilities.

    Using tried and tested techniques, as well as the latest assistive technology resources, study coaches work with students on a 1:1 basis covering a broad range of academic skills. A study coach will work with a student to maximise strengths and develop strategies to overcome barriers to learning. Skills which are commonly covered can include academic writing, research strategies, revision skills etc

    Please note that this support cannot be subject specific.

  • Notetaking

    If you have difficulties with making adequate notes, a notetaker can attend your taught, timetabled sessions with you and make manual, summary notes, which are then made available to you at the end of each lecture in a handwritten format.

  • Reading

    If you have trouble reading then a reader can read to you from books or journals on your reading lists, or from any other material you have to use to complete your work.

  • Library Assistance

    Libraries can often seem large and confusing, so a library assistant can help you to locate books, journals and other relevant reading material.

  • Practical Support Assistant

    An assistant to help with practical support such as opening doors or carrying bags. They can also assist with mobility support tasks in educational situations and locations.

  • Specialist Transcription

    To transcribe from one format that you need converting into a different format (including lecture and seminar notes, oral dictation or audio files) producing an accurate and accessible record in the students preferred style and format.

  • Study Assistant

    A study assistant can provide orientation, motivation and support in relation to day to day university life, activities and routines. This support is put in place for students who experience difficulty in adapting to new situations. Who require assistance in becoming familiar with the university environment and routines and may need some encouragement to engage successfully.

    This role can also be used when a support worker is required to provide a flexible combination of the roles above.

    Please note study assistants will not engage with departments and support services on behalf of the student.