IT Repair

IT Repair FAQs

There is a problem with my equipment – who should I contact?

Ongoing Assistive Technology Support is for any and all equipment you might have received as a result of your assessment. Your computer should be covered with both a warranty and insurance for the duration of your course. In the first instance, call your supplier (see Contacts page). If they cannot help, please contact George Jerome to take advantage of OATS: 

Tel: 07818 014 736


Please remember to have the make and model of your computer to hand if your query is about this.

I bought my computer before starting my course – it has a problem, but isn’t covered by warranty or insurance.

That’s fine – we can still help. Contact George Jerome (see above) to discuss. We can fix most problems with Windows or Mac machines. This ranges from simple malware removal, to replacing hardware. If any hardware is required, your funding body will need to approve the cost – we will arrange this.

Here is non-comprehensive list of repairs we can do (we will back up your data if there is any chance that it could be lost during repairs):

  • Malware removal
  • Operating system repair or reinstall
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Optical drive replacement
  • RAM replacement/upgrade
  • Cooling system cleanout
  • DC connector replacement
  • Network/wireless issues resolved

I have been asked by my assessor to provide the model and specification of my computer - how do I find this information?

  • Windows
  • Windows 7: go Start menu>right-click on ‘Computer’>choose ‘Properties’.
  • Windows 8 or 8.1: point to the top-right of the screen until the Charms bar appears>click ‘Settings’>choose ‘PC Info’
  • Please note down the CPU and RAM details.
  • Then note down the make and model of your laptop. This can usually be found in full on the reverse of the machine.
  • Mac
  • On the Apple menu (top-left of the screen), choose ‘About this Mac’.
  • Please note down the model – it will say something like ‘Macbook Pro 2,1’. Please also note down the serial number.
  • in Utilities, open Terminal, and enter this command:
    sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string
    Note down the model of CPU.

I have been asked to find the serial number of my Mac – how do I do this?

I need my computer back as soon as possible. How long will the repair take?

Suppliers will have their own targets for this. At Access SUMMIT, we aim to get your computer back to you within 7 days, although most repairs can be done within 48 hours, often 24, and sometimes on the spot. If necessary, we can usually provide a temporary laptop to work on while we fix yours.

My Windows laptop won’t start – it gets to the manufacturer's logo, then freezes.

Disconnect the power and remove the battery. Leave the battery out for twenty seconds. Reconnect everything and try again.

My Adobe product requires a serial number. What should I do?

Adobe products received through DSA are Student Editions. Included with your software will be a form for you to fill in, with full instructions on how to provide Adobe with proof that you are a student. Once this is done, they will provide you with a serial number.

Do I have to bring my faulty computer to you?

Not necessarily. In some cases problems can be fixed remotely or we may see fit to arrange a home visit.